Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Ownership - Take it!

Seth Godin offers some decent advice on his blog.  A few days ago, he suggested that "If you can't put your name on it ('it' being whatever product you might have to offer), don't ship it."

Knowing that your name is on it (and you own it) is one of the simplest ways to ensure its quality and responsiveness.

He goes on to say that many people choose to work for big organizations precisely so they can avoid signing/doing much of anything.  They are afraid to own it - an opinion, an idea, a project, a document, a project or anything else, for that matter.

They don't want and are unwilling to accept responsibility - especially for their own thoughts and actions.  These are the folks that use the excuse of requiring perfection before they can sign something out of the command.

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Anonymous said...

Captain Lambert,

There are so many ways to go with this blog entry that I hardly know where to start. There is more here than meets the eye. The typical company that one may work for normally requires an individual to sign a statement when they are hired that anything they produce is the property of the company. Whether it is written work or a research and development product, it is the property of the company. That certainly does not encourage a person to put their name on anything, in fact if they leave their name off of any paper work they find themselves less liable if something goes wrong.

When one generates words that are placed on an internet blog or some other form of public viewing operation and does not have the intestinal fortitude to affix a moniker to that wording, he/she is being dishonest to the viewers of that information. I realize that consequences can result from words that one might place on sites that may be read by seniors and that is what they are trying to avoid. My opinion is if you think something you say could get you in trouble, please shut your mouth and just read what others have to say.

Very Respectfully,