Saturday, February 5, 2011

Hurtful truths

I was reminded:

"Mike, your blog is both good and original;
but the part that is good is not original,
and the part that is original is not good."

An unoriginal ?friend? paraphrasing Samuel Johnson.


General Quarters said...

Ouch. I hope your friend was yanking your chain. If not, the free market suggests another opinion in that you have hundreds of thousands of completely voluntary views of your blog.

Anonymous said...

Captain Lambert,

The introductory statement to your blog says; “ADVANCE WARNING – NO ORIGINAL THOUGHT!” What else could one expect? Maybe it is time that you modified that statement.

Very Respectfully,

Steve said...

A wise person once counseled: "If it ain''t worth tacking your name onto, it's not worth your time to read it." Grammar errors and all, there's a basic truth in this proviso - and the Internet makes pot-shooting a part of a nasty, small-minded, anonymous world where freedom of speech becomes a drive-by assault. And if the attack - given full ownership credit in clear text will damage the origniator's career - perhaps that fact is a sufficiency for belaying it in the first pace.
Mike: keep it coming, good AND original!
Steve Myers, in PA

blunoz said...

I don't understand what draws such negative comments. If someone doesn't like what you write on your blog, then don't read it! I enjoy your posts, keep up the good work.