Friday, February 25, 2011

Dangerously enthusiastic about his duties - Ensign John Harvey, new guy aboard USS ENTERPRISE

I have been listening to Admiral Harvey's talk at the Surface Navy Association Symposium about leadership for the third time. I know that I will be listening to it again, and again.  I never tire of it.  It is one of the very best presentations in that type of forum that I have seen.  I downloaded it to my iPod Touch.  It's a keeper.  His easy, sincere manner of speaking is uncommon.  Admiral Harvey has posted with Admiral Stavridis about their respective experiences aboard ship.  Listening to his presentation and reading about their experiences is a great learning experience - even today., for a retiree. We are rarely exposed to this type of candor from serving Flag officers.  Go back to SWONET and watch his video.  It's inspiring.  You can watch it HERE.

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