Monday, February 7, 2011

Admiral Stavridis is equal parts

"Two sorts of writers possess genius; those who think and those who cause others to think."

Joseph Roux

In Admiral James G. Stavridis - the Navy gets both.

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Rubber Ducky said...

Having known Jim since he was an O-3, I can say he's a certified good guy. And he gives the lie to those who think that writing for one's profession is harmful to one's prospects. I've never understood how it is that man-of-warsmen, brave in all sea states, stalwart in battle, arrive at being so fearful of saying what they think the profession needs to hear in a professional forum ... and signing their name on the piece.

US Naval Institute Proceedings is the best military journal in the world and Jim has supported it with his work for his entire career. The rest of us need to get off our burro and do the same.