Saturday, February 19, 2011

Distinguished DUKE NROTC Grads

NROTC Admirals from Duke University

  • ADM Frank Bowman (Retired) Bachelor of Science, 1966 Service Selection: Submarines.
  • RADM Jack Calvert (Retired) Bachelor of Arts, 1958 Service Selection:  Aviation.
  • RADM Edward (NED) H. Deets III (Active Duty) Bachelor of Arts, 1979 Service Selection: Aviation.
  • RADM Charles Hamilton II (Active Duty) Bachelor of Science, 1974 Service Selection: Surface.
  • RADM Grant Hollett, Jr. (Retired) Bachelor of Science in Engineering, 1964.
  • RADM Stephen Johnson (Retired) Bachelor of Science Service Selection: Submarines.
  • RADM Robert Marlay (Retired) Bachelor of Arts, 1971.
  • RDML Glenn Phillips (Retired).

Other Distinguished Alumni

  • General Walter Boomer, USMC (Retired) Bachelor of Arts, 1960.
  • Richard Nixon received his law degree from Duke University in 1937 and became a Lieutenant Commander as a ground officer for the US Naval Air Transport. He is the only Duke Law graduate to become President of the United States.


Anonymous said...

Interesting that RADM Deets' bio makes no service connection to the Army Commendation Medal.

At first, I thought it might be some Flag template thing not to include enlisted service. However, I did know of one RDML who enlisted (RDML Jones) and then found another (RADM Bonelli). Then, again, they enlisted in the Navy so maybe it's a Flag template thing after all not to mention the other services.

No big deal. Just interesting and totally irrelevant to anything of importance.

Captain - Special Duty Cryptology said...

The Army Commendation Medal is likely from his service with the Army (as a Naval officer) during his time in Korea as XO of NSGA Pyong Taek.