Sunday, February 13, 2011

Cyber Intelligence Unclassified Tradecraft - RADM Mike Rogers/RDML Willie Metts

Put this on your calendar for 7-8 June 2011 in San Antonio Texas.  Full agenda is HERE.

Looking at how the cyber threat today is approached within the U.S. Intelligence Community and within the Department of Homeland Security, one can see improvements, but also continuing capability gaps.  On the classified side, intelligence plays a key role in the cyber battle.  Many would argue there are complementary, but perhaps underutilized, assets in the unclassified environment.  The challenge is finding ways to identify those capabilities and integrate and fully leverage them. 
Focus Questions
  • What value would you place on unclassified intelligence tradecraft as a complement to efforts to track and warn of cyber threats?
  • Can partnering mechanisms across government and industry be put in place to disseminate unclassified situational awareness and warnings to both the public and private sectors?  
  • Is an unclassified cyber collection plan possible?  If so, how would you assess its potential impact?
RADM Michael Rogers, USN
Director for Intelligence
Joint Chiefs of Staff

The Defense Industrial Base (DIB) Sector includes the Department of Defense, government, and the private sector worldwide industrial complex collaborating to meet military requirements.  The DIB is an encouraging initiative for developing a trusted cyber sharing and cooperative partnership between the government and industry.  Nonetheless, what still is missing is an ability to deliver 24/7 unclassified cyber intelligence reporting that provides situational awareness (SA) and indications and warning (I&W).  This session will explore how unclassified tailored and focused intelligence tradecraft can contribute to cyber SA and I&W, along with how to create a sharing environment for the effective exchange of cyber related information between the private and public sectors.
Focus Questions
  • What are the key components of cyber SA?
  • Are there unique attributes related to cyber I&W?
  • Are there existing public-private sector partnerships that provide potential models of how cyber SA and I&W could be provided?
  • What intelligence tradecraft is germane to cyber SA and I&W?
Session Chair
CAPT Joseph Mazzafro, USN (Ret.)
Intelligence Community Strategic Plans and Business Development
Oracle Corporation (National Security Group)
Session Speakers
RDLM (select) Willie Metts, USN
Director of Intelligence
United States Cyber Command

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