Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Surprised to find this in the Navy's Diversity Director's Official presentation on Diversity

I was surprised to see the Navy's Diversity Director CAPT Ken Barrett from the Chief of Naval Personnel's N134 office use this in his brief from 26 May 2010.

Captain Michael D. Abrashoff has earned several 100 thousand dollars from his great series of books (It's Your Ship, It's Our Ship and Get Your Ship Together) based largely on his turnaround of USS BENFOLD. You'll understand my surprise when you research who he relieved on BENFOLD, the previous Commanding Officer who was supposed to have run the ship and her Sailors into the ground. As with many stories, some of it is cultural mythology. I have all three books and refer to them often.


Anonymous said...

If you ask people who served on Benfold immediately after Abrashoff you'll find a group that is angry and bitter. Poor training, lack of ownership, and a ship that was not ready to fight is what they'll quote as the legacy. Glad to see Abrashoff received his payday, though.

NPC researcher said...

Captain KIA (Know It All),

What is your point? The CO before M.D. Abrashoff and the CO after Abrashoff both made Flag. Abrashoff, according to the Naval register, didn't even get to retire as a Captain. So, WTF??

OPNAV Staffer said...

Our current VCNO VADM Mark Ferguson was the CO on BENFOLD before CDR Abrashoff. BENFOLD had a great record before Abrashoff got there. Mike's time aboard BENFOLD and the huge turnaround is mythology of Mike's making.

Anonymous said...

CAPT Lambert: I am reading his book now. Did you ever serve together with CERCAbrashoff?