Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Admiral Harvey's Testimony to the House Armed Services Committee 28 July 2010

Providing forces ready for tasking is not only a commitment to the Combatant Commanders, but also a promise to our Sailors who see their entry into deployment marking the best material condition their unit will ever achieve, their overcoming the challenges of deployment to achieve mission success as the likely highlight of their careers, and the sustainment of high readiness on deployment as a significant contributor to our culture and ethos. So I strongly believe that matching the reality our Sailors will face to their expectations for deployed readiness is critical to retaining high-quality people and remaining a truly global and relevant force, regardless of the fiscal environment.

With the completion of the Fleet Review Panel Report and SAN ANTONIO Investigation, we now have a clear sight picture of the root causes behind the negative readiness trends observed in our Surface Force. These trends were twenty years in the making and will take constant pressure over time to resolve. I recognize we still have much work to do, but we have a clear path ahead to reverse negative readiness trends, assure the future readiness of the Surface Force, and uphold our commitment to the nation and our Sailors.

You can read his opening statement HERE.

Admiral John Harvey
Commander, Fleet Forces Command

Each of the Navy witnesses conceded that the surface Navy’s experiments in “running like a business” hadn’t panned out as officials had initially hoped, but said the fleet already has plans in place to get back on track in each of its troubled areas.

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