Friday, July 23, 2010

NAVIOCOM Georgia Change of Command

In a change of command ceremony held July 23 in Alexander Hall, Navy Captain Michael R. Fisher relinquished command of Navy Information Operations Command (NAVIOCOM) Georgia to Captain John C. Post. VADM Barry McCullough, Commander TENTH Fleet/Fleet Cyber Command was the presiding officer.

Captain Post, a native of Dallas, Texas, and University of Texas alumnus, became the 8th commanding officer of NAVIOCOM Georgia. He assumes command of NAVIOCOM Georgia whose mission is to provide Information Warfare and Cryptologic expertise and personnel to Fleet Air, Surface, Submarine and National Security Agency/Central Security Service Georgia. It also provides reachback staff support to Chief, Joint Force Maritime Component Commander of Central and Europe operations.

Captain Michael R. Fisher retired after a 26 year USAF/Navy career.


Anonymous said...

The finest Skipper I ever served under!

Anonymous said...

Truly the best person I could imagine in the position. Thank the heavens for his earnest nature, strong beliefs and the love of his Sailors. Happy to serve with him!