Tuesday, July 6, 2010

CTT1 Steven Daugherty - Gone 3 years now - NEVER TO BE FORGOTTEN

CTT1 Steve Daugherty, one of our students at NTTC Corry Station, Pensacola Florida while I was Director of Training, was killed in Iraq on my daughter's birthday. Steve and I shared birthdays - 16 May.

The information below is from his FaceBook site-maintained by his family. Click on his gravestone (to the left) to go to his FaceBook page.

CTT1 (Cryptologic Technician, Technical, First Class) Steven P. Daugherty, born in Apple Valley, California, was killed in action July 6, 2007, in Baghdad, Iraq, by an improvised explosive device. He was once student of the month at Barstow High School and made the honor roll at Barstow Community College. After graduating with an associate's degree in liberal studies, Steven enlisted in the Navy, where he worked with elite Navy SEAL teams, providing critical intelligence support to troops on the ground.

On that fateful day in July, Steven and his team were returning from a highly sensitive Joint Task Force operation in direct support of Operation Iraqi Freedom, when their vehicle struck an IED, killing him and the two other members of his unit. According to the National Security Agency, it turned out that the work he and his team performed earlier that day played a decisive role in thwarting a dangerous group of insurgents trying to kill U.S. and Coalition forces. Today, across from our nation's Capitol, Steven rests in peace in the sacred ground of Arlington National Cemetery.

Steven was respected by his peers as a professional and dedicated cryptologic technician, and his work was vital to the success of important combat missions. He was a decorated Sailor, having been awarded a Bronze Star (with combat "V"), Purple Heart, Combat Action Ribbon and other medals and commendations. His name is inscribed on National Security Agency's Memorial Wall, "They Served in Silence." Steven is only the second recipient of the National Intelligence Medal for Valor.

Steven was a loving 28-year-old father to an adoring 5-year-old son. A loyal brother to three fellow warfighters - two Airmen and one Soldier, Richard, Robert, and Kristine. And a faithful son to his parents, Thomas and Lydia.

Most of all, Steven P. Daugherty was a patriot who gave the full measure of devotion defending America's freedom.

In naming this important building to honor the sacrifice of Steven P. Daugherty, the Navy dedicates to him the latest addition to the nation's premiere Joint Warfare Assessment Laboratory at the Naval Surface Warfare Center, Corona Division. The Daugherty Memorial Assessment Center will stand as an ever-present reminder of Steven -- and to every Sailor, Marine, Soldier, and Airman who has given their life in defense of this country. This dedication also commemorates the groundbreaking work NSWC Corona is doing to support the Joint IED Defeat Organization in its mission to combat the threat of IEDs against our Armed Forces.

In addition to supporting needed counter-IED efforts, the Daugherty Memorial Assessment Center greatly enhances NSWC Corona’s ability to support key national missions. With it, NSWC Corona can provide Strike Group interoperability assessment needed to certify ships for deployment; provide critical flight analysis for all Navy surface missile systems; provide performance assessment of Aegis and Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense ships throughout their entire lifecycle; and finally, NSWC Corona can centralize, process, and distribute the Navy's combat and weapon system data on one of the largest classified networks in the Department of Defense.

The Daugherty Memorial Assessment Center is a state-of-the-art analysis and assessment asset that gives the nation extensive capability to protect our Armed Forces, our country, and our freedom.


Anonymous said...

It is so important to remember...

We are STILL at war.

Men and women CONTINUE to pay the ultimate price daily in this war.

Enlisted CT's, like CTT1 Daugherty, are STILL on the front-lines, in harms way, every day...more so than many of you will ever know.

Naden Landry said...

As a fellow CTT1 I am proud of Steven's service. GOD bless his family and We must never forget him. May his life live on with the Daugherty Memorial Assessment Center.
Sincerely Naden C. Landry

Steven Thompson said...

Words cannot convey my feelings at this moment. I never met Steven, but my son, Robert, was a dear friend of his. Robert was critically injured in Iraq this spring of 2010, so the words about Steven ring so near and dear to me.

Thank God for people like Steven, Robert, and so many others who literally put everything on the line for our country, our Freedom and well being, and each other.

Thank you to Steven's parents for raising such a valiant person. My son misses Steven deeply, and often speaks fondly of him.

As a father of a Wounded Warrior, a Veteran of the Vietnam War, and a fellow American, Thank you, Steven for you love and sacrifice.