Monday, July 5, 2010

Navy Chief Warrant Officer Bryan Holland

Navy CWOs are a special category of officers who should not be considered "junior officers". Although junior in pay grade, Navy CWOs have an average of 18 years enlisted service prior to commissioning. The wealth of technical experience and leadership they bring to the officer corps allows them to work closely with, and fully understand the requirements of, enlisted technicians in their charge. Warrant officers "bridge the gap" between the enlisted technician level and other officers, thereby improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the organization.

This is CWO4 Bryan Holland, one of the best CWOs in the Navy today.


Anonymous said...

Way to go Senior Platoon Leader! It was fun following in your footsteps, but you will always be that scrawny little guy from Yuma, AZ in my eyes. Proud of ya, brother!

Joe Marcus

Captain - Special Duty Cryptology said...

My Sailor of the Year/Decade at NSGA Yokosuka, Japan.

Chris Flores said...

Congrats on the article; very nice!

CWO Holland was my Senior RDC in Great Lakes back in 2000, Div 496 (Chief back then) and I happened to be scrolling through Navy photos on Google and I saw his image which lead me to the article. His impact laid the foundation to the Sailor and person I am today. A fathom of thanks is not enough.

-BMC Chris Flores