Friday, July 2, 2010

CO - XO relationship - Command Excellence In Action - NIOC Pensacola, Florida

In top wardrooms, (like that of Navy Information Operations Command Pensacola, Florida - as an example) the COs and XOs get respect because they have earned it. Junior officers model themselves after their superiors.

Junior officers know that the command tone is set by the senior officers and they follow the tone set by their superiors. If the senior officers are formal, the wardroom respects that formality. If the senior officers prefer a more jovial atmosphere, junior officers go along.

Junior officers in top commands recognize that it is the CO's command and do what they can to represent the CO's interests as completely as possible both inside and outside the command.
From Command Excellence - Wardroom Summary. Full text is HERE.


Sean Heritage said...

Thanks for acknowledging the NIOC Pensacola Wardroom in this post. Because the Change of Command was just yesterday, I cannot take any credit for the wardroom down here. Captain Shaul and LCDR Henry Vegter (XO) should be proud of the team they have built. That said, we all know that all members contribute to the strength of the team and this team is strong throughout.

Anonymous said...

Hey Sir,

Here's your post for tomorrow.

She actually wants to stand a board to attempt to prove herself in order to stay in.

Funny thing is...We'd not even be having this conversation if we were talking about Robin Graf or Babette Boliver.

Holly has clearly shown how not to treat your JOs and Enlisted in an operational environment.

BM1(SW) Mitzen

Captain - Special Duty Cryptology said...

Thanks BM1. I had posted that today and then deleted it. I'll repost tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Two fine Naval Officers. I had the pleasure and priveledge of supporting, working for, and working with Captain Shaul when we commissioned USS Kearsarge. We built a solid team there and they've all went on to successful careers. I've known CDR Heritage's reputation for a number of years and there are few who can match him (there's a reason he's now in command).
Both are fne officers and show proof that the Navy's system of promotion and selection to Command works 99% of the time. We rarely read about the successful ones - just the failures, which tells me that the system works.
Congratulations Sean and Fair winds Frank.