Friday, June 25, 2010

Success is available

to every officer-indeed to every Sailor in the Navy. Success, up to the limits of one's innate abilities, is available to all who dedicate themselves to their career, who are willing to work long and hard to prepare themselves, who recognize and develop the high character necessary to successful leadership, who love their fellow humans and show concern for their well-being, and who can communicate with other officers in a manner that inspires confidence and devotion to duty.

From Edgar Puryear's book "AMERICAN ADMIRALSHIP".

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Anonymous said...

Actually, I don't believe that quote at all. I believe the Navy has been enduring a crisis of leadership for some time, and it relates to a command screen process that is based solely on paper and doesn't take character, personality, knowledge, professional proficiency, or anything else into account. We need information from people who actually know the candidates, interviews, and professional examinations at least.