Wednesday, June 2, 2010

More on CTT1(SW/AW) Cassandra Foote

You are probably already aware that CTT1 Cassandra Foote, stationed at CID Corry Station, was recently selected CNO Shore SOY. I had learned about her earlier selection as NETC SOY and the fact that she is originally from Vergennes, VT, the town right next to where I am retired. As I am on the Memorial Day parade committee for our local Legion post, I undertook an effort to try to get her back to her hometown to be the Grand Marshall of our parade (which is the largest in the state.) To make a long story short, the CO at Corry thought it was a good idea and we put the plans in motion. To make a good thing even better, by the time Memorial Day rolled around, she had been selected MPT&E SOY and then CNO SOY.

In addition to her being in the parade, we set up a few other activities. She addressed a couple of local schools at their Memorial Day assemblies. She had a radio interview on a local station. Before the parade, she got a congratulatory certificate from the Governor and after the parade was given the key to the City of Vergennes and congratulated by one of our US Senators.

I've attached a link to the local TV coverage which was very positive:

I don't know if this is of interest to you for your web site. I also don't know how much longer the link will be active but maybe you are smarter than I am on computers and know how to download the actual video.

Also here is a link to the radio interview (about 16 minutes long):

Click on the "Podcast Archive" button on the right and you will see her interview which you can listen to.

I had a ball working this and getting some positive Navy publicity out there in the local community.

All the best,
Captain John Mitchell

Special thanks to Admiral Elmo Zumwalt and MCPON Jack Whittet for creating the Sailor of the Year Program in 1972.


Anonymous said...

Listen to the podcast of the radio show. Our Navy is in great hands with Sailors like PO1 Foote.

Corry Sailor said...

She's the best instructor we have.

Anonymous said...

Sorry - I can't agree with your comment about ADM Zumwalt and the MCPON for greating the SOY Program. Study after study has shown that progams like the SOY (Employee of the Month) great angst and discontent throughout an organization. Favortism is seen (wether actual or not) and in the end more harm than good is done.

That being said I'm sure CTT1 Foote is a great Sailor, and I'm sure she'll do great things.

Former SOY said...

Can you cite an actual study done of the SOY program or are you talking about a "generic" recognition program.

Anonymous said...

I am just curious? Why are all four of the CNO's SOYs Female this year? Not taking anything away from them but seems very VERY PC to me?

A. Dunn said...

I think this diversity/PC environment has GREATLY diminished the prestige of the SOY program. These are probably fine female sailors. Best in the Navy - probably not.

Anonymous said...

Where are our warfighters at in this selection. We are at war, right? If this is the Navy's best, then our defense is seriously lacking. Call me crazy, but I don't remember a military comprised of all women ever winning a war. Aren't their standards lower than men too, but yet they get the same pay check? The search for Peter Tomich continues...