Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Don't assume your high performing staff officer knows how good he is. Instead, use these three tips to give him the feedback he wants and deserves:

1. Identify development areas. There may only be a few and you may need to work hard to identify and articulate them, but help your star naval officer understand what he can get better at.
2. Show your appreciation. Failing to say thank you is a simple and common mistake. Your star officers need feedback and praise just as much as everyone else.
3. Give feedback often. Don't wait for review time. High performing officer thrive on feedback and it's your job to give it frequently.

Stolen from HARVARD BUSINESS REVIEW. Full story is HERE. The Navy Executive Development Program offer access to FREE articles in HBR. You can access them HERE.

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Anonymous said...

Interesting, unfortunately I never received feedback of any real value for 1610 reporting seniors. The absolute best feedback came from my SWO COs - it was always honest, sometimes brutal, and very effective in bringing out the best in me. I always felt that 1610s (for the most part) were more interested in not hurting my feelings by pointing out what I did well - I needed to hear about areas needing improvement. I know most of my weeknesses, but they also need to be pointed out with some good constructive feedback.