Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Men of principle

"God grant that men of principle be our principal men."

Thomas Jefferson

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Disgusted USNA grad said...

Sadly such a man was not our principal man at the United States Naval Academy. Adding to the disgrace he has already brought to this venerable institution, he adds this (from Navy Times):

A sprawling financial scandal at the Naval Academy — involving extravagant parties and a “slush fund” — was an embarrassment that helped lead to an early exit for the school’s superintendent.

Vice Admiral Jeffrey Fowler faced “administrative action” in April as a result of a year-long Naval Inspector General’s investigation, said Rear Adm. Denny Moynihan, the Navy’s top spokesman.

Add to that what does a "year long investigation cost"? Was he investigated by USNA alums and protected by a USNA CNO? It doesn't take a year to investigate anything in the Navy - unless the Navy would like for it to take a year. What officer in command would say, "I'd like you to do a thorough investigation and I would like your report in a year?" What an embarrassment !! What a shame.