Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Command Excellence - Training and Development

Training in superior commands links directly to combat readiness. Training for 'training's sake' is avoided. If a drill or exercise doesn't advance the combat readiness of the command, then it's changed around until it does.

Top commands don't question the value of training. The wardroom is key in coordinating training activities throughout the command. Each department commits itself to bringing its people up to speed. There is a give-and take in working with other departments to coordinate training activities. Training is targeted to get personnel closer to combat readiness. This drives the effort to keep training realistic and practical.

In outstanding commands all levels are involved in training and development. The wardroom coordinates the training, but the involvement of junior enlisted personnel with critical areas of expertise is crucial to training program success. Top wardrooms make their presence felt by continually monitoring programs to keep their commands combat ready.

Finally, superior commands are committed to the professional development and career planning of their people. Junior officers make sure their people are continuing to advance and qualify. Department heads take the lead in making sure division officers become qualified.

The impact of an outstanding wardroom is also reflected in high retention and reenlistment as junior officers command respect in encouraging sharp enlisted personnel to pursue Navy careers.

The following Navy Information Operations Commands (NIOCs) are on the FY10 Retention Excellence Honor Roll:

NIOC GEORGIA - Captain Michael Fisher - Commanding Officer
NIOC MARYLAND - Captain Steve Ashworth - Commanding Officer
NIOC MISAWA - Commander Ken Weeks - Commanding Officer
NIOC NORFOLK - Captain Brian Johnston - Commanding Officer (Featured in the photo above upon assumption of command.)
NIOC PENSACOLA - Commander Frank Shaul - Commanding Officer
NIOC SAN DIEGO CA - Commander Bryan Lopez - Commanding Officer
NIOC SUITLAND - Captain Diane Gronewold - Commanding Officer
NIOC TEXAS - Captain Greg Haws - Commanding Officer
NIOC WHIDBEY ISLAND - Commander Bill Dodge - Commanding Officer

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IWO-JOe said...

"But if we train our people, they'll just get out of the Navy for higher-paying civilian jobs!" -- Lame excuse I've heard from a command.