Tuesday, February 23, 2010

WANTED - Ensign Steven E. Shaw - and his sister Becky too!

By every Commanding Officer in the Navy. You can read why here.

As a former Midn LCDR, member of 10th Company and the Honor Advisor on the 1st Regimental Staff in 2009, this young man gets it. I suspect his parents have helped him 'get it' from a very young age.

America's families are sending us men and women like him with a decent upbringing and we owe it to them not to mess it up with the way we conduct our education and training, or by the poor example that we sometimes provide. I think he has it just about right. To the Navy's great advantage, his twin sister Becky is also a USNA graduate. The Navy is twice blessed by this patriotic family !!

Please join my wardroom Ensign Shaw - and bring similar minded classmates with you - and your sister, if you can swing it.

Ensign Shaw is a young officer in the mold of Admiral Stavridis' "THINK, READ, WRITE, PUBLISH". I like that a lot.

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Mike's Backyard BBQ said...

The Capital Article should be required reading at the Boat School.