Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Number Four On Our Countdown - Another Skipper Fired

Commander Scott Merritt received (was awarded) NJP from RADM Pat Lorge, the 87th Commandant - Naval District Washington (the oldest continuously operated Navy installation in the nation) on 12 February. CDR Merritt was the commanding officer of Naval Support Activity (NSA) - North Potomac.

An unspecified complaint was lodged against CDR Merritt in November. RDML Lorge fired the commander on 12 February for "loss of confidence in his ability to command".

He is still listed as CO on the Navy's NSA-North Potomac website.

2010 CO firings by the numbers:

1. Captain John Titus - Navy Supply Corps School Athens, Georgia
2. Captain Holly Graf - USS Cowpens
3. Captain Glen Little - Charleston, South Carolina Naval Weapons Center
4. Commander Scott Merritt - NSA North Potomac


Anonymous said...

In 20 years, it will be CDR Marcus Curry being relieved for cause...

Middie 2013 said...

I think Marcus Curry will leave USNA in the next 12 months or less. He doesn't have any friends here.

Anonymous said...

He has one...the Supe.

Anonymous said...

The USNA should go away period! It breeds hate and discontent among the ZERO corps. Ring Knockers SUCK and usually do not have a superior eduction compared to the standard University.

Anonymous said...

Another one:

Guided-missile destroyer
Truxtun commander relieved of duty:


Anonymous said...

Anon 8:02

Hopefully they are able to spell "education".

I'm a prior enlisted "O". The only guys Ive ever heard refer to Officers as Zeroes were Es who didn't have much going for them, and were constantly being put down by the "man" (Officers. I usually just consider the source.

Best officer I ever served with, Academy Grad. Worst was a prior E who couldn't delegate worth a crap and insisted on telling everyone how to do their job.

All sources have their heroes and zeroes.


Anonymous said...

shpion1--thank you, couldn't agree more--bitter Es are normally the ones who refer to O corps as zeros. I was a prior E as well. Usually what you find out about people who use that term is that they had applied for commissioning and was turned down.

Anonymous said...

Zeros? Is that a rankist slur?

Schteveo said...

Rankist slur? Absolutely, and usually from some enlisted clown, E-4 and below, with a bad attitude and a worse work ethic. But the Officers were "ZERO"s. Odd how THAT always worked out, mathwise, anyway.


Anonymous said...

I've seen a lot of ZEROs both enlisted and officer...Chief, LDO, and warrant...you name it. Each of the individual groups have their share of ZEROs...the problem is trying to get rid of them and keep the non-ZEROs despite the ZEROs. Make sense?