Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Great opportunties ahead

Navy Information Operations Command San Diego, California hosted Captain Will Metts (Senior Information Dominance Corps/Information Warfare Detailer) as the Guest of Honor at their Black History Month celebration last week. He shared insightful words of wisdom regarding overcoming obstacles and the lessons of history in his address to the audience and then spoke about the changing future of the community as part of the Information Dominance Corps.

Captain Metts was considered for selection to Flag rank and is awaiting the results of the FY11 Information Warfare Flag officer selection board with his eligible contemporaries, potentially the single most diverse group ever considered for Information Warfare Officer Flag at the same time.

SR INITIAL ELIGIBLE - HAWS, G. J. 018363-00 01 DEC 06

If selected, he will be the first Black Flag officer in the Information Warfare/cryptologic community. The board also had the opportunity to select the community's first female, its first PhD, and its first Japanese American Flag officer. Announcement of the selection results for that board are pending. Last year's results were announced in June. Standing by.


Anonymous said...

Can't touch that! Too many racist, sexist, and elitist thoughts.

NPC guys said...

An 1810 Flag. It's going to be a first in any case.

CTRC(SW) Smith said...

I served with Captain Metts in Hawaii. Finest officer I have ever served with at sea or ashore. He would be a great admiral.

Anonymous said...

afraid to say what i think about this garbage

QMC(SW)(ret) said...

War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Diversity is Strength.

manfred.slack said...

I had the opportunity to work with Adm (sel) Metts for several years. Our initial contact consisted of us of discussing (Will) and arguing (me) our different command positions on a large number of issues. He was always very logical, very polite, a good listener, and patient with me. These qualities are a few of many good qualities he has that will make him a good leader. Later he worked with me to design, implement, and evaluate a very important capability into the surface Navy. I know that Adm (sel) Metts will prove to be a good flag officer.

Manfred Slack