Sunday, February 14, 2010

More on correspondence

"There is nothing more indicative of good breeding and refinement of taste than correspondence. To be a really good correspondent is truly an art, perhaps first of all a gift, to be cultivated and developed. One may, in spite of every effort, still fall short of that goal, but it is always possible to give pleasure by a simple written note or letter, couched in good English and written on stationery that is not only correct but indicative of personal taste."

Pilfered from the CRANE paper site

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General Quarters said...

Yes! I think many people actually long to receive a hand written note. In particular, it is a novelty for the 18-40 age group on active duty in the Navy. One of the most effective forms of praise a senior can render to a subordinate is a sincere, hand written note of acknowledgement or thanks. Such notes are generally more cherished than the bullshit presentos currently in fashion.