Friday, February 19, 2010

"Navy Cryptology and Technology" on FACEBOOK

"Navy Cryptology and Technology"

The link above takes you to Navy Recruiting Command's latest Facebook fan page, "Navy Cryptology and Technology", featuring the Cryptologic Technician community. The page went live last week. The Information System Technician (IT) and Submarine Electronics Computer Field (SCEF) ratings are also highlighted.

We anticipate members of the Information Dominance Corps, Information Warfare, CT, IT and SECF communities will visit the site, help to populate the page, and respond to questions and comments. Our goal is to bring potential future Sailors and future Sailors in the Delayed Entry (Enlistment) Program into contact with those who already know about the Navy (today's Sailors, retirees, veterans, etc); and ultimately provide a friendly environment for potential recruits to research the many opportunities available in America's Navy. The more authentic the conversations, the more the site will be perceived as a credible source of information; therefore, the engagement of your CT's, IT's, and SECF's is vital.

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