Saturday, February 27, 2010

One of my favorite new OPSEC posters

The use of social media in the Navy is gaining greater and greater acceptance and with its use comes additional responsibility. We are increasingly co-mingling our personal and professional lives. Some of the early adopters within the cryptologic community continue to break new ground in adapting social media to enhance their already effective Navy leadership methods. This is increasing their ability to connect with and influence more and more Sailors. From my perspective, it's all good. Check out RDML Leigher's FACEBOOK presence - maybe you can sign up for his tweets.


NCC Follansbee said...

I recall the original loose lips sink ships as a young QM on my first two ships (1991-1996).

I like the new modern-age slogan.

As a career Recruiter, CNRC has begun a slew of Face book pages, from the Admiral down to the local recruiting station.

In our line of work, fraternization lines are the battle front more so than ships movement issues.

While I am a fan of social media, and I do like the move to accepting tweeter and facebook, I am skeptical of mingling personal and professional social interaction.

I am in love/hate mindset about social media. However, I think it is here to stay and it is new frontier that will have to be policed.

While I am sure the Navy did think about the implications of international access, I am still unsure if it was a good idea to open these media for general and public use.

USNchic said...

I recently blogged about this as well []. I'm the FRG VP for my husband's command and we maintain a Facebook page. OPSEC was a bit of an issue at first, but we were able to send out some articles regarding OPSEC to educate the family members.

I've been most upset with a Facebook page run by the area of operation my husband is deployed to. They've been saying where the ship just. It's really unbelievable that a Navy command would do that.