Wednesday, April 8, 2009

This new thinking - Smart Power

"This new thinking will take us from a culture of war to a culture of war and peace, from a culture of moving people and materiel to one of moving ideas. Essentially, I think it is really not about soft power or hard power, but rather what some have called 'smart power,' which is the ability to dial between the poles of hard and soft. After all, life is a rheostat, not an on-off switch."

Admiral James Stavridis, Commander SOUTHERN COMMAND

Stavridis is something of a new breed among commanders. He has gained a reputation for being less wedded to convention, more open to engaging with the news media and the public, an advocate for creating civilian and even private partnerships for the military. And as a military chief, he is an outspoken believer that "smart power" can trump traditional firepower.

From the Associated Press Wireservice

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