Saturday, April 25, 2009

CNO Directs That ...

“Commanding Officers and officers in charge:

Use Navy history to educate and motivate our Sailors.

In line with my 2009 guidance and our Navy ethos, Commanding Officers are the front line in communicating our mission, spirit, and heritage.

We are a profession with common goals, common purpose, and strong culture that is a force multiplier.

Each year, Sailors face change; they grow, develop, lead, and move on to new challenges. the mission, the culture, and the bonds of service remain.

Commanding Officers lead development of those ties to professional esprit de corps.”

Better get to it.

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Anonymous said...

Captain Lambert,

I felt that nearly every Commanding Officer that I had in my 24 years service met the CNO’s stated requirements. I said nearly because I had one Commanding Officer, and only one, that did not think education and motivation was a necessity for his crew.

Very Respectfully,