Friday, April 24, 2009

Petraeus Outlines Basic Leadership Tenets

When it comes to strategic leadership, the commander of U.S. forces in Iraq and Afghanistan boils his philosophy down to four basic tenets:
  1. Get the really big ideas right.
  2. Educate – and if necessary, sell -- your subordinates on those ideas. Ensure everyone shares a common command vision.
  3. Execute them (the big ideas) together. Once everyone is on the same sheet of music, the next step is to work together as a team to put those big ideas into action.
  4. Then, identify lessons learned and best practices to improve the whole process. You have to feed them back in to refine the big ideas -- which then have to be transmitted to the subordinate leaders to change the way you are executing.
Army Gen. David H. Petraeus
Commander, U.S. Central Command


public writing maven said...

"Execute them together"....rather unfortunate usage without direct linkage to an antecedent. Presumably it refers to "big ideas"...but who can't many other possibilities (whether its bad guys in his AOR or just the routinely clueless that reduced the effectiveness of any organization).

Anonymous said...

Captain Lambert,

This methodology has always been used on Navy ships and Commands. Without using superfluous words, we drilled and critiqued that drill until we got it right, then we drilled some more. How many times does a SEAL team drill to get it right when required to take out some adversaries at one particular instant? It was a drill done in unison with all concerned, it makes me proud that I was a Sailor!

Very Respectfully,

Anonymous said...

I hope he learned some lessons but, does not improve the process.

Paula B. said...

Sounds like his 'really big idea' was "ALL IN", if you get my meaning.