Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Looking Forward

In a cyberspace environment of constant change, the Department must continually review its posture. It is clear we cannot accomplish all we desire in this evolving domain without significant assistance from a broad range of partners from academia, industry, and other governments.

Collectively, with the support of Congress, the Department will:

  • Continually assess emerging threats and existing vulnerabilities.
  • Exercise our abilities to anticipate, predict, prevent and respond to cyberspace attacks.
  • Build capacity and capability to take advantage of the opportunities and limit challenges inherent to cyberspace.
  • Organize ourselves, within the U.S. Government, to defend national interests and advance national policy through cyberspace.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Captain Lambert,

Today the news of import stated that the confrontational countries that wish to replace the United States as a world power can use programming (cyberspace) to totally disrupt the power grid of the United States. This would appear to contradict everything that is written in the objectives of this article, it might just be the media, but these cyberspace cadets are so smart that they should be able to counteract anything that some liberal news reporter comes up with.

Very Respectfully,