Saturday, April 18, 2009

Small Minded Men

There are plenty of small-minded men who, in time of peace, excel in detail, are inexorable in matters of equipment and drill, and perpetually interfere with the work of their subordinates.

They thus acquire an unmerited reputation, and render the service a burden, but they above all do mischief in preventing development of individuality, and in retarding the advancement of independent and capable spirits.

When war arises the small minds, worn out by attention to trifles, are incapable of effort, and fail miserably. So goes the world.

Archduke Albert

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Rotorhead said...

Archduke trivia- The ship named after nim (Erzherzog Albrecht) was ceded to Italy and re-named the "Buttafuoco"...
Source -
Includes picture of the Albrecht.