Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Some thinking about writing

1. Writing Can Be Persuasive
If you can master the ability to persuade in print, you can create almost anything you want.  – Andy DrishThe Foundation
2. Writing Builds a Network
Your personal writing practice, assuming you are sharing what you are writing, can help you build a network and a following.  – Mike Ambassador BrunyNo More Reasonable Doubt 
3. It Demonstrates Expertise
Writing is a great form of self-reflection, but it is also a great way to build your brand, credibility and expertise. – Wendi Weiner, JD, NCRW, CPRW, CCTC, CCMThe Writing Guru
4. Writing Can Help You Build Credibility
If you write well, you can deliver your message effectively to people. – Dr. Cherry Collier,Personality Matters, INC.
5. Writing Positions You as an Expert and Builds a Following
Writing and publishing content consistently can be a great strategy for positioning yourself as a thought leader and building engagement with your target audience.  – Barbara SafaniCareer Solvers
6. Writing Allows You to Be Your Own Thought Leader
Write for yourself as if you’re a thought leader — short pieces of maybe 750 words. – Michael PollockPollock Spark
7. It Allows for Greater Reflection
Start by writing for your own reflection and learning. – Bill GardnerNoetic Outcomes Consulting, LLC
8. Writing Clears Your Head
Just write three pages every morning in a journal. – Jo IlfeldSuccess Reboot
9. It Reminds You of Your Purpose and Values
Constantly reassessing your purpose and values is key to remaining vibrant as a leader. 
10. It Helps You Build Confidence
A daily writing practice is ideal, but any kind of regular practice is great.  – Cha TekeliChalamode, Inc.

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