Monday, May 16, 2016

Sage advice from the old man

1.  Sometimes 'good' is not good enough.
2.  In the beginning - keep your hair cut, your shoes shined and your mouth shut.
3.  Hard work never killed anyone.  Not any Sailors, anyway. 
4.  Keep at it until you get it right.  If it's not right, you're not done.
5.  Always tell the truth.  That way you never have to remember what you said.
6.  The only way to know what's going on on the mid-watch is to be on the mid-watch.  Visit your people on the mid-watch.  Day ladies, that means you.
7.  Always write it down.  Take my word for it.  You'll wish you had written it down.
8.  Take care of your people.  Toughen them up for the long haul.  20-30 years in the service can wear a person down.  No professional compromises.  You'll regret them.
9.  A good Fitness Report writes itself.  Do the hard work required to do a great job.
10.  Never ask one of your people to write their own award or Fitness Report.  It's not right.  And if it's not right, you're not done.  Go back and write their award and Fitness Report.  They deserve the recognition.

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