Thursday, May 26, 2016

Proud of all of these young new cryptologic warfare commanders

Special Duty Officer (Information Warfare)
Arellano Ron Joseph 0014
Berensen Dane Eric 0023
Bishop Stephen Wade 0006
 Cardwell Gregory Shawn 0025
Christmas Geoffrey Dav 0007
 Dobkins Thomas W 0013
Everhart Anthony J 0004
 Griffin Matthew Thomas 0009
Hall Charles Howard 0019
 Harrison Joseph Benjam 0005
Hubner Suzanne Theresa 0022
 Kantz Stephen M 0017
Lowery Timothy Edward 0008
 Mengwasser Alan Carl 0020
Moore Josie L 0001
Olivi Gary Michael 0002
Schuhart Russell Gerar 0018
 Schulz Brian Landry 0015
Smith Kenneth Gene 0011
 Sproat Robert Joseph 0016
Staub Patrick Allen 0024
 Steves Frederick Bente 0003
Thomas Yonnette D 0010
 Thompson Patrick Aaron 0021
Vergow Joshua James 0012
 Wilson William M 0026

Some of these were fine young petty officers in another life.

Thankful that a couple of them gave the Navy a second chance to get it right!!

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My kids' Mom said...

Many congratulations and best of luck to all!

Well done!