Thursday, May 5, 2016

FCC/C10F Strategic Plan has been available since 2015

Command Corner
From the desk of RADM Dave Lewis & Executive Director, Pat Sullivan


The US Fleet Cyber Command / US TENTH Fleet strategic plan for 2015-2020 was recently released and provides tremendous insight into operational environment and priorities of cyber warfighting. The plan's five key goals are:

 - Operate the Network as a Warfighting Platform
 - Conduct Tailored Signals Intelligence
 - Deliver Warfighting Effects Through Cyberspace
 - Create Shared Cyber Situational Awareness
 - Establish and Mature Navy's Cyber Mission Forces

Our vision and the work we do at SPAWAR will be very important to the achievement of these goals...

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Thomas McDowell said...

Good Old SPAWAR...where the Navy spends millions for 0 return on investment. Would love to see a formal IG conducted or the Washington Post get wind of all the money this outfit has pissed away on not delivering us squat. As soon as we hear Spawar is involved on a project we stay away, know it will fail, will take a ton of money to produce and something the Navy commander could do at a lower cost with professional org from the IC. That being said I don't see OPNAV giving them any direction other than looking out for their retired Navy buddies and keeping the gravy train flowing.