Friday, May 1, 2015

Rear Admiral Sean R. Filipowski promoted to 2 star today and moved to OSD

Today, 1 May 2015, Rear Admiral Filipowski becomes the senior military advisor for cyber to the Undersecretary of Defense for Policy, Christine Wormuth.

Fifteen years ago, he relieved me as Commanding Officer of U.S. Naval Security Group Activity Yokosuka, Japan.


Dave McDonald said...


Served with Sean on the CINCPACFLT N3DC staff many years ago. He was a mentor (to me and many others), a super example of a personable, comfortable deck-plate leader, but with big vision and rare technical smarts. Exactly the kind of leader that is supposed to get to the top in our business. He'll have fun working high strategy, doctrine, major investment plans, in this new, fascinating post at OSD. Always been a Filipowski fan out here! Great family man too!

Best, Dave

Anonymous said...

One of the Best CO's I ever had. I shining example who walked the walk and talked the talk. When I put in my OCS/LDO packet, I will reach out for his advice.

CTR1(IDW/SW) Adams, Jerry

Bishop Jackson V. Plant said...

great working with him again he is the best Adm I have met second possibly to Borda. Its a close call on that and one of the top 3 best CO's in 28 years now of Navy and DOD service.