Friday, May 8, 2015

Don't let this be the theme of your command tour

Ask me for your free copy of 
"Charting a New Course to Command Excellence."
It can make a real difference.


Anonymous said...

Sad thing is that a lot of NIOC COs could summarize their contributions with your provided cartoon.

Not sure if that is a result of how we structure our NIOCs, a matter of IDC Culture, a combination of those, or something entirely different.

Just an observation from current, yet lowely, NIOC command member.

Anonymous said...

CAPT Lambert, I would appreciate a copy of "Charting a New Course to Command Excellence." Email:

Anonymous said...

For most, it really is a case of "Been there, maintained the status quo."

Anonymous said...

...and whats so wrong with 'standing the watch'?

Aloha DH said...

At our NIOC, we have a civilian who manages to insert himself in as our OPS and actually runs the show. It is horrible because he has no operational background and demands us to carry out orders that run counter to what our CO has instructed us to do and also contradicts NSA guidance. I have been severely reprimanded for standing up to him. I regret that I am transferring in a few months because I will no longer be able to protect my Sailors from him. I feel for the Chiefs and officers, especially the JOs who have to work with him on a daily basis.

Former XO Md said...

We use Command Excellence in our command qual process at NIOC Maryland. Introduced by RDML White courtesy of Captain Lambert..

Sean Cooney said...

Please define "nothing!"
- I believe that my boss would have fired me if "nothing" was done. Me and my XOs "tried to get fired" routinely in defense of what we thought was right for the team and the Sailors!!!
- My team made a difference, but sure/admittedly there was "enough dysfunction" that we (Sailors, Civilians and Contractors) did not gel as "the best team." (Certainly that too could be the topic of healthy discussion.) -Because of that, we did not achieve all of our goals, but our Sailors benefited in the end.
- Today, I see/work with many of my former Sailors in operational capacities and I know my team did a lot for the current and Future Navy. The team made a difference and we can all move on with our heads held extremely high as we continue towards paths, results and lives of excellence.
- Let's also note that doing or achieving "nothing" can be facilitated by our HHQs (not just HHQ CDRs, but their staffs) ....sometimes teams just cannot be a persuasive as they aspire to....cost of doing busine$$. In the end, we all remain motivated and do not give up!!!
- So many perspectives to consider and the "Charting a New Course to Command Excellence" is a worthy guide, but again that document is not what runs the command, it is the team.