Sunday, April 5, 2015

He is Risen

Leadership Secrets of Jesus Christ - Happy Easter
1. Jesus was a problem solver. 
2. Jesus believed in his product.
3. Jesus never misrepresented his product.
4. Jesus went where the people were.
5. Jesus took time to rest.
6. Jesus took time to plan.
7. Jesus knew he did not have to close every sale.
8. Jesus had something others needed.
9. Jesus was concerned about people’s finances.
10. Jesus was willing to go where he had never been.
11. Jesus never allowed what others said about him to changes his opinion of himself.
12. Jesus understood timing and preparation.
13. Jesus developed a passion for his goals.
14. Jesus respected authority.
15. Jesus never discriminated.
16. Jesus offered incentives.
17. Jesus overcame the stigma of a questionable past.
18. Jesus never wasted time answering critics.
19. Jesus knew there was a right time and a wrong time to approach people.
20. Jesus educated those he mentored.
21. Jesus refused to be discouraged when others misjudged his motives.
22. Jesus refused to be bitter when others were disloyal or betrayed him.
23. Jesus networked with people of all backgrounds.
24. Jesus resisted temptation.
25. Jesus made decisions that created a desired future instead of a desired present.
26. Jesus never judged people by their outward appearance.
27. Jesus recognized the law of redemption.
28. Jesus was a tomorrow thinker.
29. Jesus knew that money alone could not bring contentment.
30. Jesus knew the power of words and the power of silence.
31. Jesus knew when you want something you have never had,
you have to do something you have never done.
32. Jesus permitted others to correct their mistakes.
33. Jesus knew his worth.
34. Jesus never tried to succeed alone.
35. Jesus knew that money is anywhere you really want it to be.
36. Jesus set specific goals.
37. Jesus knew that every great achievement requires a willingness to begin small.
38. Jesus hurt when others hurt.
39. Jesus was not afraid to show his feelings.
40. Jesus knew the power of habit.
41. Jesus finished what he started.
42. Jesus was knowledgeable of scripture.
43. Jesus never hurried.
44. Jesus went where he was celebrated instead of where he was tolerated.
45. Jesus constantly consulted his heavenly father.
46. Jesus knew that prayer generates results.
47. Jesus rose early.
48. Jesus never felt he had to prove himself to anyone.
49. Jesus avoided unnecessary confrontations.
50. Jesus delegated.
51. Jesus carefully guarded his personal schedule.
52. Jesus asked questions to accurately determine the needs and desires of others.

From - The Leadership Secrets of Jesus by Mike Murdock
Published by Honor Books, Tulsa OK; 1996


Anonymous said...

As a Christian, I've often wondered how Jesus would deal with the current environment in the military. While he would love all, would he be as tolerant of the continual immorality now widely accepted throughout all of our services? I think not, and he would be forced out for actually speaking out against those continuing to live outside of Christian morals with no desire to repent.

He cannot be happy with the current state of the military.

Anonymous said...

Are you going to give similar attention to the Leadership Secrets of Ghandi, or Muhammed, or Buddha?

Mike Lambert said...

Anon on 9 April.

I would be honored to, if you'll share those secrets with me.

Anonymous said...

Strongly recommend that you publish the Ghandi, Muhammed, and Buddha leadership secrets on the day of their resurrection. Oh, wait.