Monday, April 6, 2015

Chess Not Checkers - Mark Miller's latest book is available today

"It's Your Move" is what Mark Miller left us with on Monday 8 April at the conclusion of an insightful webinar about his newest book. This wonderful book joins THE SECRET and THE HEART OF LEADERSHIP on my desk. Think of every positive word in your vocabulary and you can apply them to Mark and his latest work. The only criticism I have of this great book is using the games of chess and checkers as an analogy for leadership. I know Mark doesn't think of leadership as a game. It is complicated but using Mark's approach of genuineness and authenticity when working as a servant leader for people makes it easy to follow. He's done a wonderful job with this book and it is evident that Mark is all about service. KEEP IN MIND, ALL PROCEEDS FROM THIS BOOK AND COMPANION WORKBOOK GO TO CHARITY.

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