Wednesday, April 15, 2015

DEF(x) DC - The Strength of The Idea

The Defense Entrepreneurs Forum (DEF) invites you to participate in the inaugural DEF[x] DC event. Taking lessons learned from the business and entrepreneurial communities, a group of military personnel have formed a dynamic community to develop the leaders required for 21st-century challenges. A select group of established and emerging leaders have teamed up with Georgetown University’s School of Continuing Studies near Chinatown to brainstorm bold new solutions to key policy issues in the defense arena. This year’s two headlining topics are “Talent Management” and “The Future of Strategy.”
Showcasing the keen insights of emerging leaders--both in and out of the military--you will be able to hear multiple TED talk-style conversations on these topics and participate in lively breakout sessions with the presenters and fellow attendees. An established defense leader will also take the stage to give the benefit of their perspective and at the days end you'll be invited to a complimentary post - conference reception.
Yet the purpose of this conference isn't limited to exchanging differing viewpoints, but to also find solutions, forge partnerships, and help develop skills that will foster a more innovative culture in the U.S. military. Throughout the day, during the hosted lunch, and at the post-conference reception attendees will have the unique chance to interact with a diverse group of practitioners and professionals from across services, industries, and backgrounds who all share a common passion and entrepreneurial spirit to tackle problems on a national scale.
We truly hope that you will join us in our endeavor to spur greater defense innovation and strengthen grassroots connections across the many communities, corporations, organizations, and agencies that operate at the intersection of policy and defense thinking. After all, it's the strength of the idea that matters most...not the title of the thinker.
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