Friday, April 10, 2015

Every Sailor is a leader ! (potentially)

Not really, but...

At the Center for Personal and Professional Development - "Where mind meets mission - every Sailor is a leader."

COs, XOs, Department Heads, Leaders at all levels,

Every Sailor is a leader or has the potential to lead. There should be no difference in the expectations we have of that E-1 as we do for that O-1. Why should we consider these brand new Sailors leaders? Because they are the future leaders of our Navy. Set the expectations early, and I’m betting they will grow into them. We should expect and encourage this of our junior Sailors. Today’s Navy requires a robust syllabus that leads to the development of Sailors. While we can train Sailors to be technically proficient, leadership potential should not be overlooked.

It must be continually honed and encouraged, regardless of paygrade and responsibilities. CPPD offers products and services to help Sailors toward this development. We conduct regular course reviews to ensure our training is relevant to the needs of the Fleet. We also provide educational resources to help them in this endeavor. Our goal is to provide Sailors with the right tools to lead with courage, respect and trust, (Note: I thought it was Honor, Courage and Commitment) and in so doing, nurture these budding future leaders. 

Captain F. A. Reid
Commanding Officer 
Center for Personal and Professional Development


Anonymous said...

Every Sailor is everything !!

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Every sailor?