Tuesday, April 7, 2015

CYBER TALKS...lead to cyber ACTION !!

As we move from building to employing the Cyber Mission Force, considering the implications of U.S. Cyber Command becoming a Unified Combatant Commander, and visualizing a future where the Commander of USCYBERCOM may be a different individual than the Director of the National Security Agency, we continue to miss an important opportunity. While we talk about WHAT needs to be done and WHO needs to do it, we talk very little of the optimal culture that will allow us to realize our potential in this warfare domain. Are we "Warriors"? Are we "Geeks"? Are we "Hackers"? Are we all or none of those things? The opportunity to shape a culture and build something from the ground floor comes once in a career, at most. Let's think beyond WHO does WHAT and be deliberate about WHO we want to become and HOW we ensure it doesn't happen by accident.

Captain Sean R. Heritage is shaping part of the conversation
about cyber.  You can hear what he has to say HERE.

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