Sunday, September 15, 2013

Commanding Cooperatively

Commander Sean Heritage released his first book in a series.  You can find it on Amazon HERE.

Sean is the kind of guy who:
  • Thinks differently
  • Acts differently, and
This is the beginning of something really special on its way to EXTRAORDINARY.

Few officers in our community are willing to put themselves "out there" for others to judge.

He really is "the man in the arena" that Theodore Roosevelt described.

Congratulations and BZ on your book, Sean.


My beautiful daughters' mom said...

How exciting! Congratulations CDR. Heritage! Well done!

Kind regards,

Anneli Kershaw

Sean Heritage said...

Thank you for the support, Mike and Anneli. I am sincerely enjoying the journey, the learning, and the personal interactions that continue to result from being in the arena. Feedback to date has been positive and I am busy writing the second installment. I hope that by sharing I may inspire a few others to put themselves "out there" so that more of us may learn from/with them.

Mario Vulcano said...

CDR Heritage’s first installment in his book series is thoughtful by providing a very personal insight leading up to and taking command. The way he included his family in the decision making process in selecting the right command, to how he reached out to his “co-leaders,” the XO and SEL to develop the command philosophy showed his enthusiasm to be a true team player. His candidness and honestly is appreciated, especially as he shared his disappointment with his peers. Clearly this will be a value reference to any officer aspiring to command, has been selected for command, or looking to grow as a leader. I will be looking forward to the next book in this series.


Mario Vulcano