Friday, September 20, 2013

Change of Charge at NIOD Groton, CT

On Friday, 20 September, Lieutenant Commander Ken Lassek will assume responsibility and authority as Officer in Charge, Navy Information Operations Detachment Groton, Connecticut.   He is relieving Lieutenant Commander Irvin D. Smith.  Congratulations LCDR Smith and crew !

All ahead full, LCDR Lassek and crew !

NIOD holds change of charge ceremony

The Dolphin, 26 September 2013… by MC2(AW/SW) Kristina Young

Lt. Cmdr. Irvin D. Smith Jr., officer-in-charge (OIC) of Navy Information Operations Detachment (NIOD) Groton turned over the watch to Lt. Cmdr. Kenneth W. Lassek in a change of charge ceremony held alongside the Historic Ship Nautilus (SSN 571) Sept. 20.

NIOD Groton is responsible for the installation, maintenance, and removal of Information Warfare direct support equipment and augmentation of Cryptologic Maintenance Technician (CTM) Direct Support personnel to Atlantic Fleet (LANTFLT) combatants.

Smith took the helm of NIOD in October 2011 and leaves the command with many fond memories. Continued...

"I’m fortunate to have had the opportunity to lead such a great group of Sailors," said Smith, whose goal had been to ensure his Sailors always had everything available to them to be able to carry out the job safely, securely, effectively, and efficiently.

"Lt. Cmdr. Lassek is an outstanding leader and I expect that he will continue to challenge them," said Smith. "They will continue to do as well and better."

Capt. Michael D. Walls, Smith’s immediate supervisor and ceremony guest speaker, praised Smith’s accomplishments before presenting the Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal to Smith during the ceremony. Smith then handed over the OIC duties to Lassek.

For Lassek taking charge offers an opportunity to continue a rich command history.

"Cmdr. Smith, thank you so much for your comprehensive turnover," said Lassek, as he addressed the crowd. "Your accomplishments and leadership are evident throughout the command. Since 1959, this command has changed names three times and had numerous OICs; the walls are filled with history, with successful missions led by those very same leaders and executed by outstanding Sailors. I’m honored and very excited to lead this team."

Lassek reported to NIOD from US Fleet Cyber Command in Fort Meade, MD.

"Coming from the operational level, I’ve excited to get back to the tactical level again," said Lassek.


Robert Maguire said...

You've got a great command there, skipper! I was the XO there in the mid '90s. There are no harder workers in the Navy than subsurface CTM's. Enjoy them!

James Hammersla said...

Congratulations gentlemen!