Saturday, September 7, 2013

Command Leadership Programs

A single blueprint for a leadership program cannot fit every command. Programs must be custom built; however, the following key points are applicable to all leadership programs:
• Each command must want to improve its leadership.
• Each command must consider its needs, capabilities and mission.
• Each command must ensure overall consistency. A common approach which can be carried out by successive commanding officers is provided by General Order 21. It provides both the stimulus and the guidelines for a balanced program.
• Each command should seek to improve in all the areas—inspira tional, technical, and moral—and should not be satisfied until tangible improvements have been observed in each of these areas.
A command program should motivate or inspire people to lead and also provide for the practice of leadership at all levels. Although a program can be separated into a motivation phase and an action phase to facilitate its planning and implementation, the two phases should operate concurrently to achieve success. Emphasis may be shifted from one phase to the other to compensate for turnover in people and the changes in operation and material or to relieve pressing command problems.

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