Friday, April 19, 2013

Ten Simple Rules for Social Acceptability

1. Get an etiquette book and read it. Do it now.
2. Be quiet and listen. Not everyone wants to hear what you have to say. Conversation among ladies and gentlemen is a multisided affair. Listening well is not only an official but also a social necessity.
3. Stand up. This elementary courtesy is the hallmark of a gentleman or lady when addressed by a senior (in rank or age).
4. Defer to others in social matters-in conversation, dining, and precedence. Make the effort to see that others are seated or served first, given the right-of-way, and so on.
5. Pay attention to what is going on around you. You might learn how to conduct yourself and learn what is required. Officers who are unaware are of no use to anyone and a source of embarrassment to their
6. Pay attention to your grooming. You should wear a well-turned-out uniform and civilian clothing and maintain hair, nails, and basic body cleanliness.
7. Treat your associates as ladies and gentlemen (even if they are not). Even one or two ladies or gentlemen in a group raise the tone of the gathering.
8. Do not draw attention to yourself-in dress, voice, or actions. Boisterous and exhibitionist behavior does not define the lady or gentleman.
9. Pay attention to your language. You should eliminate not only cursing and profanity but also the crudities in common usage: rough, trendy, "with it" slang. Listen to what you are saying. If you use two to three "you know" expressions a minute in your speech, you have said too much.
10. Do not complain or whine. If you cannot or will not change matters, do not comment on what is wrong with you or the world.

From: Career Compass: Navigating the Navy's Officer Promotion and Assignment System
James A. Winnefeld Sr.