Monday, April 8, 2013

Navy on FaceBook

The choice of whether or not to participate (in Social Media) is a false one.  Opting against using social media cedes the conversation to others.  People will be talking about your command and forging your public reputation, but without your input.  Choosing not to participate simply means you surrender your stake in the outcome...For some, interactive communication is not that important."

Join the United States Naval Institute HERE to read the rest of Lieutenant William B. Tisdale's Professional Note.  It's important in today's Navy where it appears that the information is dominating us rather than the other way around.

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Sean Heritage said...

The leaders we eagerly follow are those who care enough to truly connect. Social media is but one way to share who we are, what we value, and how we think. It also affords us the opportunity to learn the same about those in our lives. To me, a meaningful social media presence is a reflection of a team player, a collaborator, and a leader truly interested in connection. At the same time, the reluctance to engage the people we claim to value via the medium in which they communicate is more than a missed opportunity. It is a reflection of a leader who doesn't care enough to connect.