Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) picks new Provost - Also RDML Tighe Video

The dean of Wichita State University's business school, Doug Hensler of Wichita, Kansas., will serve as NPS's 14th provost, the school said Friday.

Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus said, "I appreciate Admiral (Jan) Tighe's leadership during this time of transition and welcome Dr. Hensler as we begin the next chapter in this storied institution's history."

Mabus told the staff last week that Rear Admiral Tighe, interim president since November, was needed "in the fleet" and a president would only be selected after the provost.  There has been no word yet on which fleet assignment RDML Tighe would receive.

RDML Jan Tighe is featured HERE on The Pentagon Channel's "Inside NPS" segment.   Her portion of the video starts at the 10:30 mark.


OPNAV AO said...

When did OPNAV Staff become "the Fleet"? As long as I'm out in the Fleet, please restart my sea duty counter. Just kidding.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Admiral Tighe. Taking over and helping lead a demoralized NPS faculty had to be a real challenge. We wish her the best in the fleet. Does anyone know which carrier strike group she is being assigned to?

NPS Student said...

As a result of the ALNAV dated 16 January 2013, RDML Tighe is charged with personally determining mission essential travel for NPS personnel.

There is one critical element that must be satisfied for the travel to be approved, and that is that RDML Tighe determines the trip to be mission essential.

Anonymous said...

Jan Tighe is well educated: A PHD in fact. But SECNAV must have been speaking of the Fleet metaphorically, because the next day RADM Tighe spends afloat will be her first.

Anonymous said...

NPS Student,

I don't believe that an Admiral has time to review faculty travel requests. I believe someone is making this up.

NAVNEWS said...

Admiral Tighe was sent to NPS to correct administrative inadequacies identified in a recent Naval Inspector General (NAVINSGEN) inspection. She is doing exactly that and doing it exceptionally well.

Anonymous said...

NPS is as much the Fleet as OPNAV is.

Anonymous said...

Captain Lambert,

I am unimpressed with the presentation of Jaun Garcia, the Assistant Secretary of the Navy, I listened very carefully and was only able to comprehend maybe every third word of his presentation . It is indeed unfortunate that such unqualified individuals are chosen to present their opinions when they are unable to express themselves properly. Mr. Garcia was probably a good Sailor, but he was chosen in the long run to do a job that was beyond his ability.

Very Respectfully,

Anonymous said...