Friday, April 26, 2013

Navigating A New Course To Command Excellence - Antithesis to the status quo

In the Model for Command Excellence, between the inputs and results, were factors the model termed intermediate outputs. The intermediate outputs of superior commands also distinguished them. Sailors in the command had a sense of mission. They were motivated and committed to the command. Morale, pride, and teamwork were evident throughout the command. Attitudes and values of Sailors on board reflected this. These intermediate outputs directly affected the final outputs.

What accounts for the differences between them in superior and average commands?

Three areas make a difference between the results of superior and average commands:
  • the Sailors in the command,
  • the relationships between them
  • the activities they perform
"Sailors" refers to the different people in the command. This includes the Commanding Officer (CO), the Executive Officer (XO), the Wardroom, the Chiefs Quarters (Mess), and the Crew.

"Relationships" refers to the relationships between different groups of Sailors and the ways these groups of people interact with each other. "Activities" include those things that people do that make the biggest differences between average and top commands.

Five activities were identified:
  • Planning
  • Maintaining Standards
  • Communicating
  • Building Esprit de Corps
  • Training and Development
The book is available HERE. Check the document properties; this is a 2005 update of our original version from 1997.  There are two companion summaries: Command Excellence and the Wardroom and Charting the course to Command Excellence.


My Kids' Mom said...

Sir, In regards to the previous post about the XO who did not have manners enough to answer your letter I would like to say: As I read comment after comment I found myself uttering out loud " Oh God, Oh God, Oh God" until someone came by and asked "What is the matter?". I am stunned. Speechless really. How can some people be so rude and taktless as proven in those comments?

P.S I thought that an elite school like Harvard taught manners, but perhaps that was back in the good old days.



Anonymous said...

Why is the CMC not included?

MCPO said...

Anonymous at 1:59 AM

You are so wise my son. The answer can be found in your question.