Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Communication is number ONE!

As a leader, there is one single thing you can do that will make, or break, command morale. The key is communication.

And while that's true in "normal" times, it's become even more important when a command is in transition.

Regular communication with Sailors is always integral to a command's success, especially during periods of uncertainty, Lack of communication with Sailors is the number one cause of low morale.

As the Navy is undergoing change during all the budget uncertainty, the best thing to do is communicate with your Sailors even if you yourself aren't sure exactly what's about to happen. It's foremost just to bring Sailors together. And continue to talk to them one on one also. You've got to manage the scuttlebutt. You need to address these things so that Sailors are not preoccupied with worrying about rumors that may not be true.

More Valuable Than Money
It would seem that most Navy leaders already know this answer. Navy leaders were asked, "In your opinion, what is the best remedy for low morale?" Their responses:
    Communication 48%
    Recognition programs 19%
    Monetary awards for exceptional performance 13%
    Unexpected rewards 11%
    Team-building events or meetings 5%
    Additional days off 3%
Bottom line: Tell your Sailors what happened, what is happening and what will be happening.

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Everything is number ONE!