Sunday, March 24, 2013

Smart Sailors and JOs

There are some very smart Sailors and Junior Officers out there who both care deeply about what they are doing and have the knowledge, insight and experience to give us ideas that can significantly improve many fundamental aspects of how we do business today.

You own the future.

You have a professional obligation and vested interest to shape the capabilities and culture of tomorrow’s Fleet.
  • Think deeply 
  • Question continuously 
  • Debate rigorously 
  • Read broadly 
  • Write boldly 
  • Write boldly (repeated for emphasis)
  • Communicate your ideas to leadership
RADM Terry Kraft
Commander Navy Warfare Development Command
10 October 2012

RADM Kraft's full brief is HERE.  Members of the IDC are active and involved in this process.  If you have an interest in making a difference by being the difference, contact CTRC Andrew Krueger, SPAWAR Systems Center Pacific in San Diego. 

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Navy Grade 36 Bureaucrat said...

Do we have some more contact info for CTRC?