Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Navy Fires its SIXTH Commanding Officer in 2013

NOSC Rock Island, Illinois
Navy Reserve Lieutenant Commander Jack O'Neill, Commanding Officer, Navy Operational Support Center (NOSC) Rock Island, Illinois was fired by Captain George Whitbred, Commander, Navy Region Midwest Reserve Component Command (NRWRCC).  LCDR O'Neill was fired on 19 March due to Captain Whitbred's loss of confidence in his ability to command.

The relief occurred as the result of an investigation into allegations of hazing during a drill weekend as well as other command climate issues. LCDR O'Neill has been temporarily reassigned to the Army Garrison at Rock Island Arsenal in Rock Island, Illinois. 

LCDR O'Neill is a graduate of the Army Command & General Staff College, served aboard USS NASSAU (LHA-3 4) and with the staff at Amphibious Squadron ELEVEN.  He has a degree from Regent University.

The Navy has taken a hard turn on hazing incidents and established a Navy Office of Hazing Prevention (N137) (NAVADMIN 034/17) to track hazing incidents like the ones at NOSC Rock Island.   Our Navy fosters a culture of dignity and respect for every Sailor, and hazing has no place within our Navy culture.  Hazing prevention remains a Navy leadership priority. One incident is one too many. It is the responsibility of every Sailor to ensure that hazing does not occur in any form at any level.

LCDR Gregory Cissell, a member of NRWRCC’s staff, has been named interim CO of NOSC Rock Island until a properly command screened replacement can be named.

Other COs fired in 2013:

1.  Commander Thomas Winter: CO USS MONTPELIER - loss of confidence in his ability to command.
2.  Commander Luis Molina: CO USS PASADENA - loss of confidence in executing his duties.
3.  Commander Nathan Sukols: CO USS JACKSONVILLE - due to loss of confidence in his ability to command.
4.  Captain David Hunter: CO Maritime Expeditionary Security Squadron 12, Coastal Riverine Group 2 due to “unprofessional behavior.”
5.  Commander Corey Wofford: CO USS KAUFFMAN - due to lackluster leadership.


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# 6 will be the dude from the minesweeper in the PI.

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This article in Early Bird says the sixth one already has been fired: http://ebird.osd.mil/ebfiles/e20130327919120.html.

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