Monday, March 18, 2013


1. Know yourself and seek self-improvement.
2.  Be technically and tactically proficient.
3.  Know your subordinates and look out for their welfare.
4.  Keep your subordinates informed.
5.  Set the example.
6.  Ensure the task is understood, supervised and accomplished.
7.  Train your unit as a team.
8.  Make sound and timely decisions.
9.  Develop a sense of responsibility among your subordinates.
10. Employ your command in accordance with its capabilities.
11. Seek responsibility and take responsibility for your actions.

From the 2013 Naval Leader Planning Guide available on Navy Knowledge Online.


Anonymous said...

That's virtually word for word what I was taught at the Army's old Primary Leadership Development Course almost a quarter century ago. Some things never change.

Mike Lambert said...

Tried and true.